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The Photoshop CS3 Workspace
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The Photoshop CS3 Workspace
Customizing your workspace
The Tools palette
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Photoshop Workspace Understand how the Photoshop CS3 workspace works. In this lesson, you'll learn how to customize your workspace and understand how the tools palette is organized.

Workspace overview

When you launch Photoshop CS3, you'll see a workspace with many panels and buttons. You can customize the workspace to suit your own personal preference and tasks.


You can reset the workspace back to the default Photoshop workspace any time by choosing Window > Workspace > Default Workspace

  • The menu bar contains all the commands for Photoshop organized into menus. If you want to find a command, you'll be sure to find them under the menus in the menu bar.
  • The document window shows the image that is opened.
  • The Tools palette contains all the tools available for Photoshop. These tools can be used to do various tasks such as cropping images, painting, removing blemishes, etc. Related tools are grouped together indicated by the Corner arrow on the bottom right corner of the tool button.
  • The options bar displays the options for the selected tool. For example, if you selected the crop tool, the crop tool options will appear in the options bar.
  • The pallets display tools and information to help you work. There are many pallets you can add to your workspace that'll give you quick access to tools and information for your task. The pallets can be docked together or collapsed to icons to save space.