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Remove Blue Color Cast From Underwater Photos
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Remove Blue Color Cast From Underwater Photos
Color Correction with Levels
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Some say color correction for underwater photos is the utmost difficult. We'll show how they're wrong with this color correction Photoshop technique so easy, even a color blind person can do it! This technique can also be used for other types of photo such as outdoor landscape.

Remove Blue Color Cast From Underwater Photos Photoshop Tutorial

First, open an underwater photo into Photoshop. If your digital image collection is anything like mine, then you'll probably have trouble finding an underwater photo. You can download many free underwater stock photos from When picking which underwater image to use, pick an image that isn't already color corrected. Sometimes the images may have a low color range that cannot be restored. Look for color images instead of monochromatic images with a harsh blue or teal tint.

The aquarium image I used below came from a commercial stock photo website.


As with any retouching Photoshop techniques, we need to analyze the problem before we can create the cure. With any color correction, the first area to look at is the Channels palette. The Channels palette shows the balance between the colors. As you can see from the Channels palette below, the reds are way too dark and the blue is slightly too bright. To fix this, we'll need to brighten the reds and darken the blues. Now I have the solution to my aquarium photo and I can begin retouching it.


One of the best tool to fix color correction problem is the Levels tool. You may use the Levels tool frequently to fix brightness and contrast, but it also works great with color correction. In fact, it's easier and more accurate than any Photoshop tool to for white balance correction.