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Velvia Color Photoshop Tutorial Make photos look stunningly vivid with this Photoshop color effect that stimulates the color effect of Fujifilm Velvia film. Velvia film is famous for its rich and vibrant colors and is frequently used for landscape photos.

Velvia Colors Photoshop Tutorial

Begin by opening any image into Photoshop. This effect works very well with landscape photos so we recommend using an untouched landscape photo for this Photoshop tutorial. To open an image, choose File > Open and browse for the image you would like to open. Select the image and click OK. The image should now be loaded into Photoshop.


For this effect to work, we'll need to switch to Lab Color mode. The reason why we need to use the lab color mode is because the lab color mode separates the luminosity and the colors as channels so that we can work specifically on the color channels without affecting the luminosity. This is the key to making photos look vivid without the blotchy high-saturation look you get with the Hue/Saturation tool.


Once you have the image in lab color mode, go into the Channels palette. You should notice that the channels have changed from Red, Green, and Blue to Lightness, a, and b. The lightness channel holds all the tonal information while the a and b channels hold the color information.