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The Golden Glow
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The Golden Glow
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The Golden Glow Photoshop Tutorial Do you have boring photos of forests? Make those photos look spectacular by adding a simple but clever color effect. This effect can add a glow to certain areas of the photo or make the photo look like it was taken during Autumn.

The Golden Glow Photoshop Tutorial

First step is to open an image into Photoshop. Open an image of a forest or something with a lot of vegetation.


Use Lab Color

For this effect, we'll need to use the Lab Color mode. Go to Image > Mode > Lab Color.


Everything should still look the same. You should have the same layer and you shouldn't notice any color shifts. So what did we do? Well if you look in the Channels palette, we now have access to the individual Lightness, a, or b channels. We'll be using the b channel specifically for this tutorial and that is why we need to use Lab color mode.


In the Layers palette, click on the New Layer button.


You should now have a new layer called Layer 1.